Elegance and refinement

An oasis of elegance and refinement in the center of Milan

Marcona ventiquattro comes from a small family project and grows with the idea to create a comfortable retreat for All Our "Guests friends ". A second home in Milan... this is Marcona ventiquattro!

In downtown Milan, in a quiet area just 15 minutes from Piazza San Babila, three  luxurious and elegant mini apartments with all comfrort and suitable for all types of needs and stay in the Milan, who are on a business trip or a tourist weekend.

Red, gray and blue, like the color of their walls, each apartment is furnished in modern style with retro details, ideal for comfortable breathing atmosphere that we offer our guests.

The attention to detail
The Maxi-size shower

Porta vittoria area

Come in the heart of the city, Marcona ventiquattro and Porta Vittoria area.

Marcona ventiquattro is located inside a 50's classic Milanese palace in the city center. The area, Porta Vittoria, offers a mix of calm and efficiency. The famous and fascinating Duomo of Milan is easily reachable on foot in about 15-20 minutes.

The neighborhood offers a large choice of restaurants, pubs, local shops, especially in the very near Corso XXII Marzo.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy an enchanting park in Largo Marinai d’Italia (Sailors of Italy), where you will appreciate one of the most important fountains in Milan and the famous Palazzina Liberty are hosted for events and music events, both theatrical performances.

The area is served by TRAM number 27, 12 and 9, and the bus number 60. The nearest metro for now is the M1 San Babila stop, waiting for the end of the work of the latest Milan metro line, the M4.

The Park Vittorio Formentano, known to local people as Park Largo Marinai d’Italia, is located between Corso XXII Marzo and Viale Umbria, no fence and therefore always accessible, it is a pleasant place to run and walk. Inside is the famous fountain with the monument by sculptor Francesco Somaini, vibrant artwork and wide gestures dedicated to the sailors of Italy who fell in the Second World War.

The park is still known for the presence of the Liberty Palace, now home of the Civica musical Band place of events related to fashion , cultural events and concerts. The white building, really delicious, classic art nouveau is the only structure still remained the ancient complex of the fruit and vegetables market (1911-1965). It was once the seat of the market bar, meeting and dealing for fruit and vegetable traders and before that, more than 150 years ago, the area was occupied by an Austrian redoubt of Marshal Radetzky and reconquered by Milan after le cinque giornate (the five days).

Continuing on Corso XXII Marzo towards the city center in a few minutes you reach Piazza Cinque Giornate, the symbol of the revolt of the Milanese and expulsion of the Austrians from Milan (18-22 March 1848). Arriving at the square there is the imposing celebratory memorial, symbolizing the effort of a people for freedom. For the sculptor, Giuseppe Grandi, the Monument to the Five Days also constituted a specific sign of his civil commitment, a way to remember that the values of the Risorgimento were to continue to be present as inspiration for the new unitary state.

The Porta Vittoria area is quiet and vibrant at the same time, but not chaotic, it is practically in the city center and well served by the city transport hub and is dotted with many historical elements that have shaped the history of Milan, found right above some examples.

This is the habitat of Marcona ventiquattro.